Cinema productions

Active Media offers complete range of local and production-related services, such as:

• location scouting in Bulgaria;
• logistics and asset management;
• best production space and equipment;
• set constructions, workshops for costumes and props;
• talent casting and crew hire;
• full content of accommodation arrangements and transportation;
• special effects and post-production services;
• Insurance and legal assistance, etc.


Bulgarian cast is well organized. There is a variety of faces to choose among: actors, models or local street cast. We work with casting managers located in various cities in the country.


In collaboration with NIMAR STUDIOS who has dedicated a considerable part of its activity to the manufacturing of costumes. In a specially equipped workshop highly qualified designers and seamstresses work together to create a variety of costumes, rich in color, handmade embroideries and ornaments.

A complete set of Roman costumes: crowd, priests, nobles, soldiers and Gaul – are available at NIMAR STUDIOS warehouse.


The Set Lighting Department at the studious offers the most advanced high quality set lighting equipment for films, commercials, documentaries and photographic shoots of any size.  We also offer competitive prices and the best on location lighting, grip equipment and expendables.


The state-of-the-art warehouse contains a large variety of uniquely designed props, mainly from Roman times. The experienced prop-masters maintain and take care of the goods; we are alway available for providing useful information and assistance if you want to rent the props for your production.

* Furniture
* Art
* Relics and Antiques
* Statues
* Drapery and Fixtures
* Hand props

In the warehouse of the company you will find a larger variety of props, mainly from the Roman époque. An experienced prop-master maintains and preserves the goods and is always at disposition to give you useful information and assistance when renting the props needed for your production.


We offer a wide range of talented personnel including , directors, production managers, art directors, location managers, casting directors,  gaffers, grips, electricians, make-up and wardrobe specialists, stylists, runners, various talent, etc.
We also organize the customs clearance process.


We have a team of constructers, carpenters, joiners, technicians and workers that can build any kind of construction in a short period of time.
Decorators and set-dressers are bringing their work to an end  in a way to give the set its final look.